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Human Right Defenders Demand Full Implementation of 2010 Constitution

Aug 27, 2021
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As Kenya marks 11 years after promulgation of the 2010 Constitution,human rights activists in Kenya have slamed the government for not following what is writen in the constitution.

Cidi Otieno, a human right activist says the member of parliament have failed to include members of the public in bill passage hence violating the constitution.

“The changes that the MP’s want to pass in the parliament should not be passed without public participation the constitution because it is contrary to what is stipulated,”says Cidi.

According to Cidi, there are some sections of the constitution that have not be implemented.

He added that they stopped from meeting at the Jevanjee gardens with claims that there is Covid 19.

“Article 43 where it is indicated that Kenyans have right to food, education, health and clean water has not be executed and today they have gone gone against article 37 which says that people have a right to meet,” he added.

“We will air our voices even if not today but probably on Monday or Tuesday so as they will stop using the police officers or the covid 19 virus to stop people meeting,” he said.

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