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How Imwatok Locked Out  Osiya from Tesos in Nairobi

Feb 11, 2024
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It seems Nairobi Assembly Majority Leader Peter Imwatok has taken the political mantle  of Teso community in Nairobi.

UDA pointman in Teso who is eying gubernatorial seat Arthur  Osiya was today shocked after the Teso  community he  invited for a consultative meeting failed to show up.

One of the community leader in Nairobi declared Imwatok as their spokesman in Nairobi and Teso land but not Osiya.

“We are tired of political conmanship by UDA leaders.Imwatok Anyule is our spokesman and no any  other person should purport to do so on our behalf.” The leader said.

The community have declared with one voice that they are fully in ODM and that time for change.

The Osiya meeting entailed,eating,dancing and without meaningful agenda for the community in terms of development.

“11 February 2024, this Sunday. All roads lead to Kibira, Joseph Kangethe Social Hall, Woodley Stadium. All the Iteso living in Nairobi are assembling here to share as a community, “KAMORATA ASSOCIATION”. The Chief Guest is the Principal Administrative Secretary In the office of the President Bwana Arthur Amug Osiya accompanied by the Teso South MP Hon Mary Emase, Teso North MP Hon Oku Kaunya and many other dignitaries from the Government. Erait aparan nakalakara, akinyama nanipe bala Idwe Koduk.’’ The invite read in part.

”Food and drinks will be plenty and will be served to everyone freely. Akinyama akimonikin kakidak akiring kokaferai. Muziki utaporomoshwa na wasanii wa nyumbani. Kobuniete kejang’ata awate paka chee. ENTRY FREE. Chief Ipara & Chief Andrew Obwana are already on the ground putting things in order.” It continues.

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