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How  Glamorous Jateso Imwatok is Shaping Busia Gubernatorial Race

May 28, 2024 #busia, #governor, #jateso
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In Brief

  • Imwatok is part of Raila Odings’ political machinery.
  • He is a long term member of ODM party serving a record third term as an MCA.

Majority Leader Nairobi County Assembly Peter Anyule Imwatok’s latest political maneuvers has rattled ODM leaders in Busia County with many now saying that he might be Raila Odinga’s preferred candidate to take over from Governor Paul Otuoma.

According to ODM top brass the party is courting the no nonsense MCA for the top seat a move that leaders in Busia are not taking  lightly.

“He is a serious politician…when charged with huge responsibility Jateso has always proved beyond reasonable doubt that he can actually deliver..rem the maandamano in Nairobi..he organized successful demos sometimes using his own funds ignore him at your own risk..”Daniel Obwaka political commentator told Taarifa.

Political Activities

He has dramatically shifted his activities to Teso and various parts of Busia County with a hawk eyed glare at Butula Constituency which he enjoys massive support.

“He takes money there, food and even extend services such medical and other capacity building forums and you want to ignore that? Please do at your own risk.The day other he was declared Teso community spokesperson with the entire community giving a nod .. what proof do you need that is acceptable? Aren’t those  enough signal for you!? Obwaka said.

“He started at his own backyard  and you have seen they have embraced him. The other day  he hosted the  Ateker delegation in the Assembly ..that was remarkable event. He is a man to watch.’’ Obwaka stated.

Governor Otuoma  Fears

Puzzled, Governor Otuoma who lost party’s support last year has sent his think-tanks to ODM  top brass for a meeting aimed at quelling down  political temperatures in Busia County.

“He has been sending people to Raila and to the likes  of Oparanya..but that’s has not materialized.Otuoma is a political simp and unwanted chap in ODM in short spent cartridge.” Obwaka added as he takes a snap.

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