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Housing Committee seeks Comprehensive Data From State Department to inform Budgetary Consideration

May 22, 2024
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The State Department for Housing has been asked to provide data on housing units and estate houses allocated to civil servants across the country, to enable the National Assembly Housing Committee assess the current status of the properries for budgeting purposes.

“We require you to provide us with the list of rented houses, those sold and the ones you are demolishing with their acreage details. Also state why you are demolishing these houses,” Committee Chairperson Hon. Johana Ng’eno, (Emurua Dikiir)directed.

Additionally, Hon. Ng’eno also asked the Department’s Principal Secretary (PS) Charles Hinga to include in the details, a list of National Housing Corporation (NHC) Houses available for sale.

Meanwhile, the Committee has urged the Principal Secretary, State Department for Public Works, Mr. Joel Arumonyang to consult with the Department’s Board, and the State Department for Housing, in a bid to seek collaboration in the construction of public housing.

During deliberations on the 2024/25 Budget Estimates and the 2023/24 Supplementary Estimates II, Members of the Housing Committee expressed concerns about the impact of reduced funding to National Construction Authority (NCA).
The lawmakers also sought to know what NCA was doing to enhance inspection of upcoming buildings across the country, given the rampant cases of collapsing of houses.

In response, officials from the Department of Public Works led by PS. Joel Arumonyang Informed the Committee that the proposed rationalization of NCA’s Budget would hinder the Authority’s operations, including accreditation and certification programs for skilled workers, and the review of essential regulatory instruments.

He also mentioned that the upcoming building code would bring sanity, quality and enhance standards.

On his part, PS Hinga told the Committee that the proposed budgetary cuts for his State Department would affect the implementation of the Affordable Housing Program, resulting in pending Bills on the Kenya Urban Support Program which is set for completion before the end the 2023/24 Financial Year.

He also observed that it would affect the intended construction of markets since most of the works had already been tendered for.
The Committee is expected to meet with the Cabinet Secretary for Housing, Urban Planning and Public Works tomorrow, before finalizing their report for presentation to the Budget and Appropriations Committee.

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