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Hope for Victims as Nairobi County Passes GBV Bill

Aug 6, 2021
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The Nairobi County Assembly on Thursday passed the Bill that requires building of a centre of victims of Gender Based violence.

According to the mover of the bill, Hon Wanjiru Kariuki who is a nominated member of the County Assembly the bill advocates for the building of the centrein every sub county of Nairobi County.

Wanjiru said in the recent past there has been a rise in cases of Gender Based violence especially and especially Nairobi County has been recording the highest number.

She also added that there is need of the victims being taken care of.

“The bill comes into place when we really need it. Cases of Gender Based violence have become increasingly high. The Bill clearly stipulates where a victim of Gender Based violence is supposed to go, the procedure, where to get help and how to report the cases and ensuring that the cases are keenly taken care of.

Hon Anthony Ngaruiya Mburu, MCA Jasho Ward.

The figures increase every day. We have cases which are never reported and that’s the reason why we came up with this bill;for people to know where to report.

We will have shelters in every Sub County where the care givers will take you through the process.

How to make sure that if it is healing how long it will take because there are cases that are very sickly and that’s why we have given a timeline of 0-6 months,”said Wanjiru.

The MCA for Jasho ward in Kasarani Sub County, Hon Anthony Ngaruiya Mburu also said that cases of the male being violated have also been taking place and building of the centres will also help the Male victims.

“Looking at the bill, it will help the victims of Gender Based violence. It is for both the male and female victims. The bill will help the government in helping curb the cases. We know the county and national governments are in a position of ensuring Gender Based violence is fully eliminated” said Ngaruiya.

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