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Hawker wins 10 million Jackpot

Jun 1, 2021
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 The SportPesa Midweek Jackpot that was reset to Ksh10,000,000 million last week has been won.

Shoe hawker Simon Musembi Mutisya, 36, becomes the fourth person to win the Midweek Jackpot this year. Nairobi-based car spare parts winner Mutuku Muoka won Ksh12 million in January followed by Maurice Vidija Muliango who won Ksh21 million in April and Charles Bonzo Musyoki who won Ksh11,515,591 last week.

“I was at my store when I got the congratulatory message from SportPesa at around 6.33p.m. I was so happy I showed my brother immediately so that he can confirm that the money is mine,” said Mutisya a fan of English Premier League club, Arsenal.

“SportPesa is true. Moments after receiving the message that I had won I got a call from their customer care. They actually looked for me before I contacted them and that showed how honest they are.”

Mutisya took a shot at the jackpot by spending Ksh198 to place two bets, out of which one proved successful.  The Midweek Jackpot comprises of 13 select games per week and starts from Ksh 10 million increasing each week until there is a winner.

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