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Hamo Reveals What He is going through after leaving Hot 96

Jun 24, 2021
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After speculations of being fired, Professor Hamo has finally revealed on why he left Hot 96.

Speaking in an interview Hamo says he had voluntarily made the decision to leave radio before the drama with his baby Mama Jemutai begun.

“I decided to follow what I believe in, I was there to learn, you cannot stay in school indefinitely. I am young, I need to go out and hustle. I realized I cannot hustle while in Radio. The Radio job doesn’t make sense if you have no milk, you have no money. Waiting for the 15th of every month? I am a hustler, I am a hawker, TV taught me how to be a hustler. After one year in Radio, I realized I cannot do side gigs. If you are passionate about growing wealth you cannot grow wealthy in employment. I am not normal, normal people sit in one job until they create another one. I don’t do that,” said Professor Hamo.

He also added that salary increment was also an issue before he called it quits. He spoke with his first wife and Jemutai of the decision he had made.

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