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Majority leader Abdi Guyo On the Chopping Board Should Amendments Sail Through  

May 31, 2021
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The move by section of Nairobi City County assembly to amend  Standing Order No. 20 and 21 of Nairobi city County Assembly clipping the powers of political parties  to nominate house leadership has now taken a new twist with Majority leader Abdi Guyo on the chopping board.

The changes are being supported by Guyo who even hurriedly chaired a zoom meeting to pass them last week.

It has  now emerged that Waithaka MCA Antony Kiragu want to use the changes to remove Guyo from his position immediately  it passes.

‘‘He is secretly edging closer many thought that the changes that were introduced by Hon Oyugi were to be used against Imwatok  but as things are  Guyo might go home before Imwatok …MCAs mainly from Mount Kenya origin feels that they have been side-lined and its’  now time for them to get majority leader  position and Kiragu is the best to face off with Guyo,’’ a source said.

Meanwhile Jubilee Party has written a protest letter to Guyo  over the move saying it does not support the  amendments of Standing Order no. 20 and 21 of Nairobi City County Assembly.

After failing to remove Imwatok, Hon  Oyugi and his team resorted to change the Standing Orders so that ODM party can be kept at bay in the leadership changes.

‘‘I can assure you if it goes through many will be going home ….I can remember how Guyo tampered with Standing orders during Elachis’ time, ironically Elachi in turn used the same Standing orders to lock him out of the assembly for one year…these Nairobi MCAs never learn.’’ He added.

The changes are yet to  be passed by the assembly.

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