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Governor Lenku Blames Collapse of Paai Bridge on Natural Causes

Feb 24, 2022
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Kajiado County government has now mobilized external expert to fix the collapsed of  the 100 million shillings  Paai Bridge project.

According to Kajiado governor Joseph Ole Lenku the experts have been withdrawn from all sectors to assess and fix the bridge.

“We are working around the clock to ensure we fix the situation we thank God no one was hurt but we can assure the work was well done and the blames is squarely on natural cause including erosion. Kajiado is a semi arid area and geographically the terrain is challenging and have been with quite number of natural events.” He said.

 “Our people should not panic everything is in control …..we have also instructed our officers to take charge of the bridge,” Lenku added.

Lenku said the Bridge will open up the area, thus change the lives of the residents economically.

He noted that before the construction of the Bridge, farmers were cut off from markets during the rainy season.

“This Bridge will transform this area economically. Just a year ago when it rained, trucks full of horticultural produce could get stuck at the river for days unable to cross thus resulting in huge losses for farmers and traders,”  governor Lenku said.

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