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Going the Distance: A Book That Seeks to Make Better Parents

Aug 6, 2021
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The courage to make tough decisions in parenting. The risk to tread an unknown path. The love of seeing your child connect to and exploit their full potential. The joy of beating all odds to achieve a worthwhile goal. The story of Joyce Murigi in her fast-paced new book, “Going the Distance.”

During the launch of the book, the author Joyce Murigi challenged parents to pay more attention to their growing children, helping them grow up in the new digital age as most of them are under pressure to live social media lifestyle which is not a true reflection of the reality in most cases.

She shares her own story in bringing up a teenage boy facing challenges and the sacrifices she had to make in supporting her son’s passion for sport.

Author Joyce Murigi

” Experience has shown us that a child who grows up without being loved will most likely be a broken adult. The value of upbringing is therefore unquestionable.
If parentalbe love and safety provided at home were necessary when I was growing up they’re now much needed than ever.

The time we live in is a new time of difficult, a new type of struggle.

Life for our children is now more different with the presence of social media.

Think alot of the adult world which emphasizes on personality and celebrity rather than on character.

With this reality we is parents must strive to raise a self confident balanced children who have good judgement and a strong sense of responsibility. We owe to them irrespective of our upbringing,” she said.

The CEO talk Africa who are the publishers of the book Mr David Waweru Congratulated Joyce for telling her story through the book as it helps heal the difficult exeperiences she had in her upbringing.

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