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Glovo, Visa partner to empower Small and Medium Enterprises

Mar 15, 2024
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Leading multi-category app Glovo and Visa have partnered to digitize 40,000 Small and medium Enterprises across Kenya and the markets they operate.

This initiative falls under Glovo’s overarching program, Glovo Local, which aims to support SMEs in adapting to the digital landscape and thriving in today’s market.

The plan will see the two entities empowering small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs) through a comprehensive series of online training courses.

The program is targeting both aspiring local business owners and existing small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) seeking to enhance their operations and expand their reach.

Specifically tailored for businesses with ten or fewer employees, the series covers essential topics such as digital payments, marketing strategies, social media utilization, and financial management.

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“We are proud to collaborate with Glovo and leverage the option of visual training to help provide these 40,000 SMEs with the opportunity to improve their skills and knowledge and overcome the challenges of digitisation and leverage the opportunities of e-commerce and digital payments.” Said Visa Vice President and Head of Social Impact central Europe, Middle East, and Africa Carl Manlan.

Through this collaboration, Glovo and Visa aim to equip SMEs with the necessary skills and knowledge to navigate the challenges of digitization and harness the opportunities presented by e-commerce and digital payments.

In Africa, SMEs account for 95 percent of all registered businesses and contribute to about 50 percent of the total GDP in Sub-Saharan countries.

Last year, Glovo and Visa conducted a pilot program with partners in Morocco.

The pilot involved an in-person workshop with more than 30 local partners, providing them with learning and development masterclasses on topics such as digital marketing, cash flow management, and Glovo Ads.

Glovo Head of Impact and Sustainability Sébastien Pellion says that the feedback received from these partners played a key role in selecting and filtering the online training courses that are now being offered in collaboration with Visa.

He notes that the opportunity will further Glovo’s offering to SMEs and strengthen a collaborative ecosystem for entrepreneurs and business owners that shape the cities.

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“Only 20 percent of SMEs in the markets where we operate sell via digital channels, resulting in a huge potential for them to tap into new customer bases.” said Pellion.

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