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Former Nairobi Governor, Sonko Lands another Job

Aug 12, 2021
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The former Nairobi Govenor Mike Sonko says that he is enjoying life and doesn’t care what people think of him now.

His new deal he says is marketing the giant Redbull company.This he says,is a ‘part time’ job apart from his blogging ‘hustle’.

“Apart from blogging, I am also doing part time marketing for Redbull na Maisha inaendelea,”  he said in a post on his social media platforms.

He adds: ” Wale walidhani nitalai low Kama Babayao nyinyi ndio mutalie low,”.

The above statement implies that he is still working hard as a man and that he will not chicken out like former Kiambu Govenor Ferdinand Waititu who he calls babayao.

The ex-govenor took photos clad in class clothes painted in Redbull colours and cars painted in the same colors.

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