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Fletna African expands to East African Market

Jun 23, 2021
Fletna Africa CEO Carolynn sharea a light moment with the Co-founder Aleksander Jerinkic. 2
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Fletna Africa, an e-commerce website that sells Nature-rich products, has announced plans to expand their reach to the Tanzania, Uganda and Rwanda markets beginning next month. Fletna is happy to be able to offer the best Korean skincare to the East African Market.

“We have worked hard to win the confidence of the market with our affordable luxury approach to the best Korean skincare and we feel blessed that the market has responded so positively. Due to a high volume of inquiries, Fletna is now rapidly expanding under its own steam.” Says Aleksander Jenkric , Co-founder Fletna Africa.

Having launched in Sweden over two years ago, Fletna Africa has carved a niche for themselves in the e-commerce circuit. This follows a successful entry into the Kenyan market that saw them become a leading one stop shop for the infamous Korean 10-step skin care routine to some of the world’s finest moisturizers and masks.

Fletna Africa is committed to selling the highest-quality nature rich conscious skin care products from Korea and is equally passionate about the ethical treatment of humans, animals and ingredient sourcing while sourcing its products. In addition, the brand is on an ongoing mission to ensure its activities represent the smallest carbon footprint possible.

Fletna recently unveiled models- Khula Budi, Priyan Solanki and Wesonga as the Fletna Men brand Ambassadors.

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