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Fears Labor Officers in Nairobi and Mombasa are Colluding with MEMSAP Technologies to Harm employees

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There are fears that an employer who is facing numerous corruption allegations and consequently fired her staff unceremoniously is colluding with compromised officers at the labor ministry both in Nairobi and Mombasa.

It has emerged that Celestine Waweru who is the Chief Executive Officer of MEMSAP technology limited has reached out to the officers to seek protection incase her actions end up in court.

She fired all her staff amidst allegations from a section of them that she was not paying them.

The shocked workers were unable to log in to the systems after arriving to work on 1st October, 2023.

Media reports had linked her to various corruption scandals with the Director of Criminal Investigations and the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission reportedly on her case.

Some of the employees had told journalists that they will be seeking help from the Ministry of labor as well as relevant.

But in a quick move because of her financial muscle, she is believed to have met labor officers in efforts to seek protection from the angry staff she has laid off.

According to the constitution every person has the right to fair labour practices as per article.

The Act calls for fair remuneration, reasonable working conditions and gives employees the right to form, join, participate in activities and programs of a trade union.

To further explain these rights, the Employment Act places the basic minimum conditions of employment.

Any contract of service, collective bargaining agreement, other law or court order shall be accepted where they are more favourable than those in the Employment Act. 

In addition, Under Article 27 (4) the Constitution states that Employees shall not be discriminated against directly or indirectly on grounds of race, sex, pregnancy, language and many others. 

Article 41 talks about Labour relations, whereby every person has a right to fair labour relations.

The Occupational Safety and Health Act 2007 outlines employees’ safety, health and welfare in the workplace. 

The Work Injury Benefits Act 2007 governs the compensation of employees for injuries or diseases contracted during employment.

The woman whose office is located at Habib road opposite the busy Moi Avenue in Mombasa, she has several companies with Africa Memsap Technology key for his supply services.

We dug deeper into her investigations and found out that another company she operates at KPA with the name Nguna Enterprises Company is registered as a disability oriented organization.
Nguna Enterprises has two directors that include Charity Wangare with 700 ordinary shares and Harrison Mwadau Mtegi with 300 shares. Surprisingly she is the signatory in the bank with account number 0250264859394 at Equity Bank.
Charity is her sister while Mr. Mtegi is the disabled person that she uses to blackmail and manipulate her way through.
Shockingly the directors get peanuts and sometimes beg for help including her own sister.
To those who have dared to expose her, she has repeatedly bragged that she knows everyone in the atmosphere including the Director of Criminal Investigations (DCI), the Ethics and Ant-Corruption Commission (EACC) and even politicians.

Apart from her troubles with employees, she is also facing allegations of tax evasion despite trading with government agencies in multimillion tender deals.

On the employees, she is facing accusations of not remitting  benefits such as NHIF and NSSF and has also been on the spot for running away with compensation money meant for the family of one of deceased staff.

Investigative agencies have for the past few months been trailing her operations to find out how she lands many tenders and her tax payment history.

Additionally she has not paid the families of the late Fanuel Oketch who died while on duty for Celestine.

She is believed to have bought a white X-trail Nissan KDH 686R from the said amount totaling to  Ksh 1.5 million.
The money in question was paid by CIC insurance but she never did her part to give it to the affected family that is living in squalor.
The families as per our investigations live in a dilapidated iron-sheltered house that might collapse any time.

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