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Famous CEO embarrased after online spat

May 13, 2021
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Sarah Kabu, CEO Bonfire Adventure Safaris one of the leading tour companies in Kenya decided to do the unexpected after engaging in an online fight with the Kenyan socialite, famous as the president of second wives, Amber Ray.

For months now, Amber has gained a great audience which both hates and loves her in equal measures.

She was a topic of controversy when she got married to tycoon Jimal Marlow. Sarah Kabu has been having a beef with different celebrities.

Her engagement with controversial blogger Edgar Obare who promised to prove to her that Simon Kabu was once unfaithful to her.

On Wednesday Amber posted on her Instagram with a caption, “jabo, jabo.

If no one has ever labeled you a sly queen it means you have never dressed well or looked good.” This is a phrase “Jabo, jabo” is a slang that Sarah uses before addressing people.

Sarah replied to Amber telling her that she would stand out as the most beautiful slay queen but not as a wife of C.E.O or a top politician.

Amber clapped and chased and quickly chased Sarah out of her page. Hours later Sarah Kabu has changed her Instagram account from public to private.

This will definitely affect her business as not everyone will always follow a private account to get access to services.

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