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Drama Erupts as Socialites Battle out over a ‘Husband’

Jun 30, 2021
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Socialite and self proclaimed president of Single mother’s, Amber Ray, yesternight woke up her neighborhood in Syokimau residence with noise of insults to her Co-wife Amira.

Not only did she keep her neighbours up, but she also went live and beamed the drama live on her Instagram.

From the video, Amber Ray and her posse were hurling insults at Amira and some of the neighbourhood’s women.

Amber Ray shouted saying “You are dealing with the wrong people. Go deal with your husband. Shida ni, hao wenyewe ndio wamejileta hapa.”

Taunting the women further, she said, “Mnataka show, si ndio hiyo basi? ” As Amberay twerked in a dera.

The face off continued with both sides hurling insults at each other.

At one point Amber Ray and her pals are asked to remove their car that is blasting loud music from the estate. They agree to turn off the music but refuse to leave the compound.

Angrily Amber Ray asks, “What are they doing in my house. This is my house I did not go to anyone’s house. This is my house you will not evict anyone. Go look at the documents to find out who owns this house. Nonsense. He is my visitor and he is not leaving.”

One of Amber Ray’s female pals adds, “And if it is Jamal, let them go look for him at his house not here. He has already left.”

She then echos these thoughts saying, “How dare you come to my house. I was in my house in the kitchen and I heard someone say ‘M*laya, shetani, mrogi.’ Go sell yours too if it has value. Someone has been in Dubai for 5 years why did she not sell hers.”

“Jamal has already left why is she coming to my house? Juu mimi ni bibi wa pili ni nyanyaswe? Sikutongoza bwana ya mtu,” added Amber Ray.

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