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Dr. Brian Lishenga’s Political Resilience: No Plans to Leave ODM

Dec 20, 2023 #Kenya News
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In the ever-shifting landscape of Kenyan politics, the loyalty of politicians to their respective parties plays a crucial role.

One such figure is Brian Lishenga, the 2022 ODM senatorial candidate, who has recently affirmed his unwavering commitment to the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM).

Addressing concerns within the vocal Kakamega County WhatsApp group, Lishenga asserted,

“I have not left the party and am not doing so soon. ODM believed in me despite being a first-timer in politics. I did not pay any cent to be the nominee except for the usual nominations fee.”

This declaration highlights his dedication to the party that provided him with the opportunity to venture into the political arena.

Expressing gratitude, Lishenga extended his thanks to the former Kakamega County Governor, Wickliffe Oparanya, who played a pivotal role in his political journey.

“Oparanya believed in me, and I owe my allegiance to him. Wherever he goes politically, I will follow him there,” he affirmed.

This statement not only underlines his loyalty to Oparanya but also suggests a commitment to the political direction chosen by the seasoned former governor.

The 2022 elections saw Lishenga facing tough competition, notably from Dr. Bonface Khalwale. Despite the challenges, he remains resilient and focused on the future.

“I was challenged in the 2022 election, and now I am strategizing on how to serve a bitter revenge come 2027,” Lishenga asserted.

This statement not only reflects his determination to overcome past setbacks but also indicates his strategic approach to political endeavors.

Lishenga’s loyalty to ODM and his commitment to following Oparanya’s political path demonstrate the intricate connections and alliances that shape the political landscape in Kenya.

In a time when political affiliations can be transient, his steadfast commitment to his party and mentor adds a layer of stability to his political persona.

As Kenya anticipates future political developments, Lishenga’s declaration serves as a reminder that, in the dynamic world of politics, loyalty and strategic planning are indispensable.

The story of Brian Lishenga unfolds as a narrative of perseverance, gratitude, and an unwavering commitment to a political journey guided by the principles of the ODM party and the mentorship of Wickliffe Oparanya.

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