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Didmus: Malala Is Adamant About Ceasing My Dream Of Becoming Governor of Bungoma

Jan 29, 2024 #Bungoma, #Didimus, #Malala
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By Isabella Maua

Kimilili Member of the National Assembly, Didmus Barasa, has broken his silence after what he has termed suspicious misinformation by one of the national media houses regarding his misappropriation of the Constituency Development Fund.

In his speech at his Nasianda home during the weekend, Barasa stated that he hasn’t in any way misappropriated any funds or allowed schools to run on buildings that have been shoddily constructed.

“I’ve got a complete report done by the auditing team, and it clearly shows that the schools mentioned to have been in a dilapidated state are either in a sound state or still under construction and not yet occupied as reported earlier,” he stated.

He also divulged that his ambition of revolutionizing the education sector has been met with strong opposition, but he will not throw in the towel anytime soon.

“Building quality-storey classes and administration blocks has caused sleepless nights for my political rivals, who’ve vowed to bring me down at all costs, but my determination to rewrite the history of Bungoma is unwavered,” Barasa maintained.

The legislator stated that he shall ensure all schools around Kimilili constituency are renovated and tiled, besides having terrazos, ramps, and cabros for the comfort of students and teachers.

“The few areas that don’t have secondary schools will soon have one, like Khwiroro, where plans are underway to have a fully registered school to cater for the students who have to trek long distances in search of education,” divulged Barasa.

He, however, pointed out that UDA’s Secretary General Cleophas Malala is the mastermind behind the news aired against him.

“After warning Malala to cease abusing veteran politicians, he threatened to bring me down, and indeed, he has lived up to his words; I know he’s collaborating with his former Kimilili CDF account, who is his sister-in-law,” claimed Barasa.

The legislator vowed to pursue his gubernatorial dream despite destructions, which he claimed were null and void.

“Anyone who thinks they will stand in my way should be warned because I’m becoming stronger than ever before,” upheld Barasa.

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