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Diamond and Mobetto Celebrates Their Sons’ Birthday in Style

Aug 9, 2021
Diamond and his baby Mama Hamisa Mobetto. PHOTTO/Courtesy
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Diamond’s Son with his baby Mama Hamisa Mobetto, Dylan turned four years during the weekend.
Taking it to his Instagram page, the Musician penned a sweet birthday message for his son.

He wrote;
“Yes Young Lion was born today.”
Hamisa Mobetto also said;
“Happy birthday to you my baby Dylan. I love you so much. Mungu akulinde, kwa ajili yangu,” wrote Mobetto.

Diamond’s first born daughter, Tiffah also celebrated her birthday the same weekend.

Diamond had promised a big birthday party for Tiffah in Tanzania.

“Happy birthday my beautiful and lovely daughter Princes Tiffah. Words can’t express how much I love you my Miss World. I can’t wait to celebrate this birthday with you this Saturday…” Wrote Diamond.

Diamond and his Daughter Tiffah on a Video call. PHOTO/ Courtesy.

Diamond also revealed that he had called her baby Mama Zari to organize the best time for them to travel to Tanzania where he is planning to throw for them a mega bash to compensate the Missing of her sixth birthday in South Africa.

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