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Diamond and Alikiba Renew Rivalry Over YouTube Views

Aug 2, 2021
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Tanzanian Artists Diamond Platnumz and Ali Kiba could be yet again beefing over who runs the music industry in Tanzania.

After Diamond released a video of his song IYO on 29th July, which has since garnered 2.9 Million views on YouTube day later, Alikiba released a new song, Jelous.

The song that featured Nigeria’s Mayorkun has garnered 3.1 Million views on YouTube.

His views have surpassed those of Diamond Platnumz yet his song was released a day later.

This is what is said to have prompted Diamond Platnumz to write a cryptic message, lashing out at his competitor, Alikiba.

On his Instagram post, he implied that his opponent is buying YouTube views.

“Real Definition of a Hit na wimbo pendwa….Ubaya wa vyakununua Haupati vitu kama hivi,” Diamond Platnumz wrote.

On his Instagram, Alikiba wrote;
“Don’t get jealous.” and later on, Alikiba posted a short clip of Stivo Simpleboy’s ‘Inauma but itabidi uzoee’ phrase.

In a past interview with while in Kenya and few weeks ago, Alikiba said that he does not focus his energy on beef with fellow artists.

‘I don’t follow beefs, I also cannot argue with fellow artistes after all no one helps me create my music.
I support everyone, whether they support me or not. I am not ready to continue beef with people who are not helping me,” he said.

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