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Defiant Residents to Open the Dandora Stadium Next Month

Jun 18, 2021
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Dandora residents have reached conclusion to open the stalled Dandora Stadium next month 3rd without fail.
The residents says they are tired waiting for empty promises on the its completion by county government of Nairobi.

Stadium committee member Steve Lagos says the community came together discussed the matter and agreed to open the stadium so that local games can resume again.

‘‘It will be madness if we wait longer our children, local teams are suffering yet this county government is doing nothing in regards to its completion .’’ He said.
Dandora 4 MCA Francis Ngesa on the other hand applauded the decision saying it was the best at this momemt.

‘‘I have engaged Sports CEC no concrete answer , I also requested a statement on the same no response up to this moment , so let the community open it whether completed or not.’’

The stadium should have been completed in July last year , but work stopped when it was 90 per cent done.
The contractor, M/s Scanjet Construction Limited, left the site in September 2019 after Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission launched investigation on the alleged 100m inflated construction cost.

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