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DCI launch Manhunt for Rogue Police Woman after killing 2 Officers

Jul 7, 2021
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Detectives are looking for a female Police Officer who has gone berserk and is on a killing spree.

Corporal Caroline Kangogo, the suspect behind the killing of Police Constable John Ogweno, in Nakuru, has shot dead yet another man in cold blood.

The rogue officer who took off with Ogweno’s firearm a loaded ceska pistol, lured a man to Dedamax Hotel in Kimbo, Juja area at around 4pm yesterday. She later emerged from the room at around midnight and fled to an unknown destination, leaving the dead man’s body sprawled on the bed.

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Detectives have established that she lured the man to the room and went ahead to pay for it, before savagely shooting him on the head at point-blank. She later told an attendant working at the guest house that she had gone to buy toothpaste, before making her escape.

The man’s lifeless body was discovered today morning. The suspect who is armed and dangerous has been on the run since early yesterday morning, after she killed constable John Ogweno, who was based in Nakuru.

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We are cautioning members of the public especially men to be on the lookout for the rogue officer, who is luring men to her trap before killing them. Let nobody trust her or accommodate her since she is armed and dangerous.

Should you spot the officer who is covering herself in a buibui, do not hesitate to contact us through our toll free line 0800722203. #FichuakwaDCI, USIOGOPE!

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