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Covid-19: Kagwe Now Says its Upon Kenyans to Save Themselves

Aug 5, 2021
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Health Cabinet Secretary Mutahi Kagwe has said political and Public gatherings are the super spreaders of Covid-19.

The CS urged for more resilience against the disease reiterating that the fight against the pandemic is now more of a personal responsibility and not policing.

“You attend a funeral today while in good health, and a few days later, we attend yours. We are witnessing a deadly cycle as a result. We cannot show solidarity by following the deceased,” he said.

Kagwe has also sent warning shots to political leaders calling and holding public gatherings, which he says are where most people are contracting the virus.

Cs Health, Mutahi Kagwe with his Tanzanian Counter part Dr.Dorothy Gwajima addressing the media today.

Covid 19 Time Series
“The responsibility of political gatherings lies with the politicians and those who attended,” the CS said.

Kagwe urged teachers and workers in schools across the country to get their Covid-19 jabs at the available centres, to lessen the infection rate in schools, even as the delta variant ravages.

“There is no shortage of vaccination for teachers and other school workers.”

“Right now, the dominant variant is delta. It is transmitting faster that other variants we’ve had and its severity is also more,” he noted.

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