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Concerns Rise Over Health of Detained Former CS Richard Echesa, Lawyers Demand Action

Mar 30, 2024 #Omari
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A group of lawyers, led by Danstan Omari, has expressed their disappointment with the police for failing to release ailing politician Richard Echesa from custody so that he can seek medical attention.

Echesa had earlier been transferred from Muthaiga Police Station to the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI), where after questioning, he was not released.

Omari had written a letter to the DCI requesting him to authorize the officer commanding Muthaiga Police Station to take his client Echesa to the hospital so that his doctor can review his medical condition, as directed in his medical documents.

“His continued detention will worsen his health, and any form of justice related to his arrest cannot possibly take precedence over his health. We attach a medical report from his doctor to this letter,” added Omari.

Omari says his client is willing to subject himself to a fair process and intends to cooperate with investigations.

He adds that Echesa is a well-known Kenyan Citizen, a former Cabinet Secretary in this country, and has a known place of abode.

He says that going forward, Echesa intends to obey any other summons and provide any information required by investigators into this matter.

Omari says they had earlier been denied access as the DCI has since instructed the officer commanding Muthaiga on who can access Echesa’s doctors, family, and friends.

Omari and lawyer Cliff Ombeta, who is also acting for Echesa, say their client is suffering from Acute Pneumonia and he risks dying in custody.

He was arrested on March 27, 2024, on allegations of self-abduction. He was detained at Muthaiga Police Station for more than 24 hours, which is against his rights as protected by the constitution, according to his lawyers.

Kakamega Senator Bonny Khalwale was also present at the DCI office to show solidarity with Echesa.

He said, together with other Luhya leaders, they are ready to support Echesa.

Omari says that Echesa’s medical condition is deteriorating and his condition is fatal.

Omari says Echesa’s interview with the police could not proceed because he had developed breathing complications and sweating and had to be taken back to Muthaiga Police Station.

He says there are other people who have died in custody after the complainant has taken control of the police.

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