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Comedian Njugush ‘Joins’ Kenya’s Political Scene

Aug 11, 2021
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Kenya’s comedian Njugush has impressed Kenyans on social with his thought-provoking photo depicting the current political situation of the country.

Accompanied by a photo of renowned politicians posing in front of Statehouse, Njugush sarcastically praised the Kenyan athletes for participating in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

”This pic represents our champions. Thank you our Athletes for making us as a country proud!!! We had other important things to do but we stopped everything to welcome you back. We gave you heroes welcome.

We gave you up to standard facilities to train Pre Olympics.

You might have gotten heftier offers from other countries but you choose Kenya.

You Guys here are our hope. Guys a word of encouragement to these Athletes here …ni mmoja anamiss nikama ndio amewashikia medals wapigwe picha,” Wrote Njugush.

In a past interview the comedian ruled out joining politics because of power of money and corruption. He said most of the politicians are in power to enrich themselves.

“I think our leaders can do better as compared to what they are doing, and I would not want to join them and see them misusing people’s resources,” he said.

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