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Civil servants to go on strike over SRC notice

Jun 18, 2021
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Public Civil Servants Unions have issued a fourteen days’ ultimatum to Salaries and Remuneration Commission (SRC} to recall the notice suspending allowances and salary increments for civil servants.

This comes after the Salary Remuneration Commission Chairperson Lyn Mengich said there would be no salary increment in the next two years.

“Cognisant of the government’s financial constraints, the current wage bill ratios, the need to release resources for investment in the strategic priorities of the government to jumpstart the covid-19 ravaged economy, there will be no review of the basic salary structures, allowances and benefits paid in the public sector in the coming two financial years,” said Mengich.

COTU (K) 1st Assistant Secretary General, Bro. Ernest Nadome, together with General Secretaries from Public Sector union addressing the Media on the move by SRC to freeze pay rise. They issued a 14 days strike notice.

The secretary generals claim that the SRC is unconstitutional and has no authority to bar them from receiving an increase in their salary and allowances.

They say they don’t recognise SRC it and after 14 days if they do not withdraw the notice the entire public workers on the unions will go on strike.

“we do not recognize the so called SRC. We always are negotiating with our employers and not SRC. It is an Organization that is there to frustrate the workers,” said Ernest Nadome, the First Assistant for the Sec General COTU.


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