• Wed. Oct 4th, 2023

City MCA’s Launch Onslaught on Robert Alai Over Proposal to shut Down Bars

Oct 4, 2022
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A section of Nairobi MCAs have blasted Kileleshwa MCA Robert Alai for behaving like a blogger and not like an elected leader

The MCAs have hit out at their fellow legislator for executing County matters through social media instead of following due diligence.

Led by Waithaka MCA Anthony Kiragu, the leader reacted to Alai’s move to push for closure of bars and restaurants in Nairobi,saying that this will kill businesses and render many jobless.

” We want to tell Alai that he is no longer a blogger but an MCA,” Waithaka MCA Anthony Kiragu said.

The MCAs have promised to help Alai adopt to life as elected leader.

” He is behaving like a boy who has new bicycle that he even rides it at night when everyone else is sleeping,” he added.

The onslaught on Alai has been precipited by the Nairobi Liquor Licencing Board issued notice of closure to 43 bars after numerous complaints from residents.

The revocation notice was issued by the board,a day after police raided the clubs and arrested dozens of revellers and club managers.

The MCAs have vowed to protect businesses in Nairobi against such moves.

” Once we resume business, we are going to pass legislations that will end this behaviour once and for all,” Umoja One MCA Marck Mugambi said.

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