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Cathy Muringo: Driving Women empowerment programme in Gikomba

Aug 11, 2021
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Gikomba market, it’s always a beehive of activities on daily basis, but If you mention Cathy Muringo, everyone will direct you to where she is, busy attending and consulting Kenyans on the lucrative deal that lie beneath the mammoth of Gikomba market.

On Tuesday afternoon, Tuko News decided to visit her and learn how to start the mitumba business with as little capital as one might have.

She said that experience mitumba bales as people refer to it have been in a position to mentor big names who have been running the show and making a huge profit.

She said that the mitumba business is one of the most profitable in Kenya.

She noted that, about 2 years ago, a Reuters report, estimated that about 100,000 tonnes of mitumba clothes are imported from China to Kenya annually while about 200,000 tones from other Countries that have winters.

These tonnes of imported mitumba generate millions of revenue and jobs for most Kenyan citizens and especially, young people.

“The best thing about this venture is that you can start the business with less than Ksh. 20,000 capitals. If you have been wondering how you can start a second-hand clothes business, you are in the right place, experience mitumba bale is your home where I will help you on how to venture. Here is an ultimate guide that will inform you of all you need to know when starting a mitumba business,” Muringo said.

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She outlined the following factors to consider before venturing into the business

Capital available
Muringo: You can start Mitumba business with roughly Ksh 20,000 as you can get a nice bale of Mitumba bales that can give back a good profit depending on the location of your business.

For those who would love to start a large mitumba business, arm yourself with more than Ksh. 100,000. From this breakdown, you can tell that your capital will determine the size of the mitumba business you can start with.

The supplier

At experience mitumba bale, we can supply you with the best quality Mitumba bales from China, Germany and other countries.

To make a profit, experience mitumba bale, we supply you and give you a reasonable price for you to make a profit. We have our stores at Gikomba market.

Imported second-hand clothes in experience mitumba bale from European nations, Japan, Australia, Germany, Canada, the UK, China, and the USA among other developed countries.

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Muringo advises that for a trader who wants to buy the best products, the best time to visit Gikomba is during morning hours, precisely between 4 am and 8 am.

She states that it’s during the morning hours that most bales have not been opened and you will be the first one to select the best.

She further advises that Strategic areas in Nairobi where you can start a mitumba business include Gikomba, Muthurwa, Ngara, Kawangware, Umoja, Mlolongo, Rwaka, Githurai, and Kasarani.

In Mombasa, you can start a mitumba business at Kongowea market, Majengo market, Buxton market, Chaani market, and Kisauni.
“At Experience Mitumba Bales, clothes are graded according to wear and tear and packed in bales, “she said.

She further noted that bales are classified according to the following criteria.

Grade A/Crème Bale: Clothes in this category are new and have store labels on them. In most cases, they were bought, but never worn and were taken to charity pick-up points to be donated to developing countries.

Crème bales can cost about Ksh. 50, 000.

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Grade B: They may have been worn several times but are still in good condition. They are usually cheaper compared to crème bale.

Grade C: This category consists of clothes with minor defects that can be corrected.

Grade D: Grade D second-hand clothes come with many defects such as cuts and are the cheapest.

In case you want to get the best advice kindly contact Cathy Muringo of Experience Mitumba bales

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