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Bungoma gubernatorial Candidate attacked by Unknown People

Jul 31, 2022

Bungoma Gubernatorial Aspirant Zachariah Barasa is nursing injuries after he was on Saturday, July 30 2022 attacked by a group of young men armed with crude weapons along the Mukuyuni road in Tongaren Sub-county.

Barasa who is vying on a UDP ticket was injured on the head and claims the attack was politically instigated by the Tongaren Ford-Kenya MP aspirant Chikati Murumba.

Speaking to Taarifa News, Barasa said they had been attending a meeting with the church leaders and they had not been escorted by any security as they knew it would be safe for them.

“It was in the middle of the road when the people had requested I say hello to them. Around ten young men who were armed came from a double cabin and came out and attacked me with crude weapons they were carrying. They have been hunting me and when they heard that I was in Tongaren, they came,” Barasa stated.

UDP Bungoma Gubernatorial candidate Zacharia Barasa after he was attacked by goons in Mukuyuni during campaign.

He received treatment at Kore hospital in Kimilili and was later discharged.

He has called on the youth to seize being used by politicians to cause harm to other people and their opponents.
His supporters have called on the government to make sure his security is guaranteed.

“We are worried as his supporters. He was just on his campaign trail before being stopped by the Ford-Kenya People. Chikati himself was present, if it were him being attacked how would it feel like?” a citizen paused.

“I want to strongly condemn the act by Murumba Chikati who is an MP aspirant for Tongaren. He led his goons to attack Barasa,” he added.

This comes with only one week to the General Election.

At the start of July, the Inspector General of

Police Hillary Mutyambai recalled all officers on leave to beef up the security before, during, and after the elections.
Police across the Country in various Counties have been receiving training on safety measures of how to handle citizens during campaign riots as we head to the General Elections.

The training is set to help the police manage the crowds and mitigate the gaps that may even come during the rallies which are still on.

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