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Bunge la Wananchi Urge Court of Appeal to Bring Back ‘Reggae’

Aug 13, 2021
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Bunge La Wananchi has called on the Court of Appeal to quash the ruling of the High Court in respect to BBI Constitutional Amendment Bill and allow for the formation of a Prime Ministers’ Position.

The lobby is arguing that Kenyans should be handed the opportunity to decide for themselves if they want the position or not.

“The passing of this bill by Bunge La Mwananchi Members consequently emboldens us to call up on the Court of Appeal to quash the ruling of the High Court in respect to BBI Constitutional Amendment Bill 2021. It is our hope that the court will give Kenyans an opportunity to make a decision on the process. Bunge La Mwananchi is gearing up to provide civic education on the BBI Constitutional Amendment Bill 2020 in order to enable the citizens to make informed choices,” said John Mark Ababu the president, Bunge la Wananchi.

In a statement Ababu said that its members had overwhelmingly endorsed the bill to create the position and even went ahead to create the model of how the administration will be ran.

Bunge La Wananchi are calling for the formation of a Prime Ministers Post.

In a Special Session held on Thursday 12 August the lobby said that the creation of the position is also meant to entrench inclusivity and eliminate the mantra of the winner takes it all which has been the tradition.

“This goes along way to demonstrate that Bunge La Mwananchi a transformative movement. The creation of the position of Prime Minister was long over due as it will reduce the powers in the Presidency, improve performance and enhance accountability as the PM will be directly answerable to the Assembly,” said

The passing of the motion is an important and historical milestone in the history of Bunge La Mwananchi since it’s formation in the early 90s.

Bunge La Mwananchi affirmed to support the BBI process which proposes to introduce the position of Prime Minister. I wish to applaud Members Michael Mungai, Jacob Odhiambo, George Alieti, Calvin Okoth aka Gaucho, Robert Kiberenge who among others articulately made substantive submissions while debating the motion.

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