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Brothers Kill their father for taking too long to die

Jul 3, 2021
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In Kisii brothers have killed their father and dumped his body in a well.

It is alleged that the brothers felt their father was taking too long to die so that they could inherit his properties.

According to local sources the two boys colluded to kill the old man.

“They dumped him in a well for taking too long to die yet they wanted the land” said one of the residents.

Angry Kenyans have taken to social media to condemn the act.

Mideva Nelly says:So sad ….if you don’t work hard to achieve something in life you start targeting inheritance…so bad vijana fanyeni kazi

Kila mtu atafute mali yake wee kaa unasema unategemea inheritance

Dikson Magige

Most of the kisii men wanataka kuzaa shamba ya babao then wakuje Nairobi wanunue matatu most of them operate embassava sacco ya kuenda embakasi hivyo ndio wanafanya sahi wataki kuka kisii they want to do business in Nairobi.

Peter Kariuki

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