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Blue Economy, Water and Irrigation Committee Meets State Department on Budget Estimates for FY 2024/25 and 2023/24 Supplementary II Estimates

May 22, 2024 #Kenya News, #News
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The National Assembly Departmental Committee on Blue Economy, Water and Irrigation, chaired by Marakwet East MP Hon. Kangogo Bowen, raised concerns over new proposed projects by the State Department for Water and Sanitation. Eng. Samuel Alima, Water Secretary at the Ministry of Water, Sanitation, and Irrigation, presented documents revealing the Department’s proposal for seven new projects.

The Committee questioned the rationale behind proposing new projects while existing ones remain stalled. Eng. Alima responded, “New projects arise as needs emerge. We seek this Committee’s approval of our Budget to complete stalled projects and initiate new ones.”

For the FY 2024/25, the State Department has a total allocation of Kshs. 49.46 billion, with Kshs. 5.48 billion for recurrent expenditure and Kshs. 43.98 billion for development expenditure. Eng. Alima noted a significant budget reduction of Kshs. 17.589 billion from the Budget Policy Statement ceilings.

The Committee expressed concern over the drastic budget cuts to Semi-Autonomous Government Agencies (SAGAs), potentially jeopardizing project implementation. Eng. Alima emphasized, “The decrease in resource allocation will adversely affect the timely implementation and completion of ongoing projects, hindering the sector’s overall performance and service delivery.”

The Committee will consider today’s and other submissions from State Departments within its purview and present recommendations to the Budget and Appropriations Committee later this week.

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