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‘Be Innovative’ Wairatu to Artists

Sep 11, 2023
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Popular Real estate guru Kinyua Wairatu is now asking music artists to be a little bit more innovative in their ways of earning income saying that the numerous launches have become outdated.

Wairatu who is the founder Maono lands Limited said that it’s high time artists moved with the current trends.

Quoting popular scholar Myles Munroe Wairatu who also chairs Association of Real Estate Stakeholders said that success will only come when opportunity meets preparation.

“Everyone is seeing that technology is moving really fast. We started with compact discs and they are no longer there. It’s high time we appreciate the new change and worked with it,” he said.

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According to Wairatu most companies have now been getting tired of sponsoring music launches and have been calling for more innovative ways of collaboration.

“We need to be entertained. People should now turn away from making music launches as events to make money,” he said.

His comments came in the backdrop of numerous music launches that have been happening especially in the Mt Kenya region.

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