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Atwoli and Alai embroiled in a tough spat

May 28, 2021
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Blogger Robert Alai has taken a swipe at COTU Secretary General over a road that was named after Francis Atwoli in Kileleshwa area.

Alai expressed his dissatisfaction with a road being named after Atwoli saying that the Unionist has nothing to warrant the naming.

On Thursday, the Deputy Governor Nairobi, Ann Kananu renaming the Dikdik road as Francis Atwoli road.

She said the action was done as a reward of what Atwoli has done for the Kenyan workers for a period of 54 years he has worked with them.

Robert Alai has termed it as a huge insult to the Kenyan workers.

In a reply to Alai, Atwoli told him that: “I know you better than you even know yourself, and I won’t give in to what you want. In fact, I will see you go down but you will never see me going down. And by the way what have you done in this life other than gaining followers on tweeter and surviving on extornionism?”

Some Members of the Nairobi County assembly were against the renaming of the road saying its unconstitutional and that the deputy Governor was too quick in making the decision.

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