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Artcaffé Embraces Middle Eastern Culture With New Branch

Oct 26, 2023
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Artcaffé has opened its 38th main branch at Business Bay Square in Eastleigh area as it eyes to offer and showcase a unique Middle Eastern culinary and cultural journey.

The new outlet is poised to become a cultural landmark in the area, inviting patrons to savor the flavors of the Middle East in a warm and immersive environment.

The latest addition marks the 38th main branch, bringing the total number of branches to 47, including the 9 food kiosks.

The choice of Business Bay Square in Eastleigh aligns perfectly with Artcaffé’s brand strategy by actively serving the local community in an area where it previously had no presence. 

The expansion underscores Artcaffé’s commitment to responding to market demand and diversifying its offerings with authentic cultural dining experiences, and Business Bay Square encapsulates these ideals beautifully.

The new branch in Business Bay Square boasts a stunning Middle Eastern theme, with intricate mosaic patterns, traditional textiles, and vibrant color schemes that transport diners to the heart of the Middle East.

Even the music within the outlet incorporates subtle elements of Middle Eastern sounds, creating a rich and immersive ambiance. At Artcaffé, delighting the senses is a top priority, from what you see, smell, hear, touch, and, of course, taste.

On the culinary front, Artcaffé’s Business Bay Square branch will offer a thoughtfully crafted menu featuring exclusive Middle Eastern dishes and beverages. 

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“The branch showcases authentic Middle Eastern decor, including intricate mosaic patterns, traditional textiles, and vibrant color schemes. These elements transport diners to the heart of the Middle East, creating a rich and immersive ambiance. You will also notice that the music within our outlet brings in subtle elements of Middle Eastern sounds to add another layer of the experience. It is always about delighting the senses for us from what you see, smell, hear, touch and of course taste” said Sylvia Karimi, Artcaffé Market general manager

While still offering the beloved Artcaffé menu, the new branch has introduced an additional menu section with 18 distinctive dishes.

There will be a dedicated selection ‘from the grill’ and a selection of ‘flatbreads and pide’.

Additionally, classics such as Beef Haleem, Chicken Cafreal and more innovative interpretations like Osso Bucco Biriyani will be available. 

 These dishes span across appetizers, grilled skewers, and generous sharing plates, all prepared with the beloved Middle Eastern spices that promise a culinary experience deeply rooted in the region’s rich heritage.“We’re pleased to say that the community has warmly welcomed us.

This is, in part, due to the efforts we made to learn, appreciate, and recognize the local culture when putting this branch together. They have truly appreciated it.

Our goal was to create a space that would bring families and groups together, and we are witnessing this happening on Fridays and throughout the weekends.

The community is bonding over our food, especially our most popular dishes, the Harissa Shish Taouk and Dum Ka Murgh’, added Salma Haji, the Business Bay Square Eastleigh Branch Manager.

As for upcoming promotions, events, and collaborations related to this branch’s launch, Artcaffé will actively explore possibilities and plans to bring engaging and enjoyable experiences to customers and the local community in future.Artcaffé remains committed to delivering exceptional experiences that bring people together, and this new location is a testament to that commitment.

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