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APSEA Rejects Proposed Certification Guidelines

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The Assocoation of Professional Societies in East Africa (APSEA)  has opposed the Certified Mangers Bill 2021, that wanted managers accredited by a new body.

The umbrella body is calling on the National Assembly  to reject the Bill that is pushing for the formation of Institute of Certified Managers (ICM) untill a proper engagement is is undertaken with the relevant stakeholders.

According to Felix Okatch, the chairman of the Association of Proffessional Societies in East Africa, there is no basis to which employees can be classified as Certified Managers.

” A manager is not a proffession on its own to be certified because it falls in the proffessions that are already available. The proposal is ambiguous and as there is no certification system,” said Okatch

The professional bodies maintain that if the bill is passed it would jeopardise  the position of its member professional associations.

They are now calling for a clarification on the proffessions to be certified by ICM since there is no specific examinations body for all associations.

“There is no clarity on professional examinations to be certified by ICM. Boundaries of the body of knowledge  and skills   in managent do not exist,” added Okatch.

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