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Kenyan Socialite Boils in Fury After Husband Called Failure

Aug 19, 2021
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Socialite Risper Faith has gone on Instagram Live and ranted about a follower who said that his husband failed when in US.

According to the person, Risper’s husband failed while leaving in the US and that is why he came back to Kenya.
He also said that the family of the husband and even his close friends know about the incident but do not want to talk about it.

“You are lying,Today let me tell the world. Brayo failed in the states! His friends even Know this. Kina oj, clem, that whole circle knows.” Your mom in law is everything. Wacha kuchezea watu.” Read the comment.
The socialite went ahead and said that she really does not care what people say as long as she is leaving the life she always wanted.

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Risper during the IG live.

“We are leaving our best lives, we have our business we have our friends our family so we don’t really care so you just talk talk usiku utalala sisi tunalla kwa mansion kwa six by six wewe unaenda kujifinya kwa bedsitter. Your hateful comments won’t stop me,” said Faith.

The business woman said that she got a husband despite people talking ill about her and the two love each other and no one can break them.

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“I managed to get a husband despite my nudes being online so I really don’t care what you say about me and my husband,” she added.

The socialite further informed her followers that she will be going for gastric bypass surgery soon.

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