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Ananda Marga mission ushers new year with message of hope to Kangemi poor residents

Dec 28, 2021

By Fred Maingi

Thousands of Kangemi residents and neighbouring slum areas were treated to a lavish Christmas treat by legendary philanthropist Dinesh Kumar.

Under the Ananda Marga mission based in Nairobi’s Mountain view, thousands of poor slum dwellers have benefited alot for the last two decades from a man of God they refer as a father and mentor.

He has made a great impact by changing the lives of many people.

He is described as a God hearted man for he dispenses pure-God kind of love to everyone, so accomodative and patient with others.

He is addicted and committed to repairing hopelessness, broken hearts by replacing with hope and wide smile.

Last Sunday, he continued spreading love by providing relief food to Kangemi residents worth over six-digit figure.

The foodstuffs included wheatfloor, bread, Maize floor, bread, cabbages, milk, packed food and Tshirt among others.

Speaker after another lauded Dinesh as a great achiever and a go getter who is committed in serving God by sharing whatever lands in his hands.

He is regarded by many as a father, mentor, teacher, consultant and a life changer.

Addressing the media, Dinesh said the only way to make God happy, is to serve him with joy, humility and show kindness.

“This being our last Sunday of the year, we want to share what God has blessed us with. This is part of my initiative to make God happy by sharing love, joy and prosperity in form of foodstuffs to the less fortunate ”

He disclosed that Amarga mission has offices in Mombasa,Nakuru,Kilifi, Kiambu, Malindi, Samburu and they are planning to open new mission in Machakos and Kitui as part of their target to help the less fortunate.

The venue in Mountain view estate has been converted as a safe haven for the poor who flock every Sunday for relief food.

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