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Agony as Baby is Born Without Private parts

Jun 28, 2021
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It’s always hope for every pregnant woman that their child are born healthy and with all body parts.

For this lady Esther Mumbi who lives in Mwiki, Kasarani Sub County, it’s unfortunate that her dream didn’t come true. This is after her child was born without sexual organs.

She says after the child was born, she has been to the hospital for clinical checks as usual. Though she has been struggling she always hopes that the kid who is now three years old will be fine one day.

Speaking to Taarifa News, the only fear she has is the kid being operated for the organ corrections to be done.

This is because of the expenses that come with it. Though she had an NHIF card, it reached a point she could not continue paying for it due to the cost of living.

” I always took the kid to clinic and check up at Kenyatta National Hospital. When it got to some point I had little money. Though I fear taking the kid for a surgery. I had an NHIF card but due to lack of money I stopped paying for it. The child gives me hope as he/she always tells me she/he will protect me one day,” narrated Esther.

Dr. Sikolia wanyonyi of Agha Khan says that there is a likelihood that the genes were not fully formed or the mother of such a child might have been exposed to dangerous chemicals or drugs that the woman might have used during her pregnancy.

” when a kid is still young or when they get to some age, we conduct a surgery from them to correct their sexual organs and thereafter they live normally like any other beings.”

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