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Actors Pledge to Support Papa Shirandula’s widow

Jul 19, 2021
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Beatrice Andega, wife to the late actor and Comedian Papa Shirandula has spoken up about grieving her late husband Charles Bukeko.

The icon in the Kenyan film and TV died on July 18, 2020, while receiving treatment at Karen Hospital.

On Saturday, his family friends and cast members of the TV show Papa Shirandula held a one-year memorial event in his honour at Pride Inn.

“The memory of this day I knew was coming, I did not want to remember it, nilitaka niamke niskie ilipita but I realised even in death he had friends, thank you for organising this.” she said.

She also explained how she has been having financial difficulties especially on paying fees for their daughter Sherry.
“When you see mountains you wonder how will I go over them, when you have a problem you wonder how will I solve them. But I thank God because he is a God of solutions. What Jalango has done has really touched my heart,” she added.

Comedians Jalang’o Captain Otoyo and Njoro promised to stand with her.
“It is one week to go and I was thinking of school fees,” choking back tears Beatrice added, “God has made a solution. thank you so much I appreciate you. I longed to meet you and God’s timing is the best.”

She continued, “Promises have come but they have never been fulfilled. But I thank God that you are close, it won’t be like the ones we have been receiving.”

Jalango encouraged her saying, “The best thing we can do for Papa is this, we would not be who we are without your husband.”

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