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AAR Insurance unveils Ksh1,000 accident cover

Jul 1, 2021
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Medical underwriter AAR Insurance Kenya has launched a low-priced accident cover that costs as little as Ksh 940 per month. It caters for hospital treatment of up to Ksh 10 million locally and abroad, in case of accidental injuries.

The cover dubbed AAR PROTECT Accident Cover takes care of hospitalization for accident related injuries and complications and rehabilitation. The cover has an accidental death benefit of up to Ksh. 1,000,000.

Apart from hospital expenses, the cover entitles the insured person and his or her insured dependents to air and road evacuation anywhere in East Africa depending on the accident location and seriousness of the injuries.

AAR Insurance Kenya Managing Director Nixon Shigoli says the newly unveiled policy responds to the growing need for affordable, personalized insurance products that are easily accessible online.

Overall cover limits for AAR PROTECT range from Ksh 100,000 to Ksh 10 million with monthly premiums ranging from Ksh 460 for the Ksh 100,000 limit to Ksh 940 for the Ksh 10 million limit. AAR PROTECT comes with a flexible cover period – monthly, quarterly, six months and annual- depending on unique family’s needs and ability to pay.  

“AAR PROTECT is a medical insurance solution that is suitable for individuals and families who not only desire affordability, but also want to manage their cover online. This cover is flexible, thus empowering our clients to choose how much they want to pay in premiums, how they want to pay it and the limits they can afford and suit their families,” said Mr. Shigoli.  

Eligibility for AAR PROTECT is from birth till 64 years of age. Treatment will be available at all major local hospitals and selected overseas hospitals for accidental injuries. However, self-inflicted injuries and claims made on the day the premium is paid are excluded from the accident cover.

The cover is also easy-to-access since one can apply and complete the process online using USSD code *371#, mobile phone or via the AAR Insurance Kenya website.

AAR Insurance has digitized its operations to allow customers to enjoy end-to-end services through their mobile phones and other devices. This allows for quick turnaround times thus enhancing the overall client experience and convenience.  

Thousands of people die or suffer debilitating injuries due to accidents in Kenya each year. According to the National Transport and Safety Authority, 3,572 people lost their lives through road accidents in 2019, with another 6,938 incurring serious injuries and 5,186 slight injuries. Many more injuries and deaths are recorded at workplaces and homes due to accidents and assault to the person.

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