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AAQL Africa Invests $30 Million in Groundbreaking Fund in Kenya E-commerce Market

AAQL Africa Invests $30 Million in Groundbreaking FundAAQL Africa Invests $30 Million in Groundbreaking Fund
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Anti-Aging Quantum Living Dr. (AAQL), a prominent health company originally based in China and publicly listed on the U.S. stock market, has announced a significant investment of $30 million in the Kenyan ecommerce market..

The announcement was made during an elaborate launch event at KICC on Saturday, attended by key figures including Barry Wan (Founder), Andy Hu (Director), and Mr. Anton Tscherne (Director of Capital for listed companies in the USA, business leaders and government officials among numerous sales agents across the Country.

The funds will be utilized to expand AAQL Africa’s operations in the Kenyan market, boost its product offerings, grow its team, as they plan enter new markets, including Uganda, Tanzania, Zambia, South Africa, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Nigeria, Côte d’Ivoire, Ghana, and Egypt.

Barry Wan, the company founder, expressed their intention to penetrate the African e-commerce market, using Kenya as the gateway to other African markets due to its potential and robust population.

He said that the seed capital that the company has invested is aimed to advance trade and investment partnerships that create jobs and drive inclusive and sustainable growth.

He emphasized their commitment to investing in Africa’s transformative growth and untapped market opportunities noting that the growth in Africa’s e-commerce market is driven by increasing affluence, population growth, urbanization rates, and widespread access to the internet.

“The $30 million investment seed capital aims to revolutionize Kenya’s e-commerce sector and generate employment opportunities for Kenyans, with a focus on creating accessible and flexible shopping experiences for consumers across the continent, “he said.

At the same time, the company unveiled health supplements in the Kenyan market which Mr. Barry said they are approved by relevant authorities.

He said that the company’s health supplements, including Glucosamine, Ploblotic, and NMN among others have undergone rigorous testing and approval by key institutions in Kenya.

He said that they have a manufacturing companies for the supplements in China, Japan and the United States of America noting that the entry of AAQL into the Kenyan market aligns with the growing health consciousness among Kenyans.

Mr. Anton Tscherne, Director of Capital for listed companies in the USA, expressed that the investment signifies AAQL’s confidence in Kenya’s potential for growth and development in both the business and health sectors.

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